Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sweet Sofa Love

Hall Sofa, at Unica Home

Please excuse my momentary vulgarity, but if I could make love to any sofa, it'd be this one. Tufted in all the right places, the Hall Sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni is the epitome of not-necessarily-practical beauty. Can I help it if I'm a sucker for white leather?

I'm posting this fine specimen to show Porcelain since she's wrapped up in her own couch love affair. The price tag puts it a little (okay, a lot) outside the range of affordability (for either of us) but it's certainly worth a few moments of JPEG fantasy.

It's probably best that this sofa is financially unattainable. If Porcelain were to buy it, my breathless fever might make for some fairly awkward dinner parties.


Leah said...

Oh my god, you guys totally crack me up.

Seriously, though -- I would do that couch, too.



drey said...

i love the tufted-ness of this lounge (and most of the other lounges here) but i now have a question. what sort of side tables would yhou put next to a lounge with such a high armrest? i ask because while my lounge isn't anything to write home about, it's got mighty high armrests like this one! friends and family with coffee cups and biscuit plates never know where to turn to put them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that you'll be interested to see that great pottery barn sofas and compare them with this one...