Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Field of Flowers

Porcelain & I have been discussing rugs recently. She's looking for something for both her bedroom and living room. I'm looking to switch up the rug in my living room for something a little softer.

If I had about $4500 to spare, I might order up one of these Little Field of Flowers rugs by Studio Tord Boontje. So Midsummer's Night Dream, right?! Hand loomed from 100% wool felt, it looks completely cushy and I can only imagine how that leafy texture must feel under bare feet. It's available in two sizes and three colors (a deep rich red and a gauzy soft purple).

Sadly enough, it's probably a nightmare to keep clean and the cats would probably think it was an extra special litter box. And there's always the issue of that crazy-nasty price tag. But, alas, one can dream...


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture

Anonymous said...
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