Monday, August 27, 2007

What to wear while kicking King Neptune's a**! (Stylishly, of course!)

Rugged rain suit with pants, available at Amazon

Hunter original boots, available at Zappos

I still can't get over what Cardboard had to go through this past Thursday!!! CRAZY PANTS! Let me just say that again, CRAZY!! What a trooper that woman is! We live 3 miles from each other and my neighborhood was nowhere hit as hard as hers! We had a ton of branches and leaves strewn everywhere and even a few trees partially fallen over, but there was definitely no telephone poles skewering cars, streetlights on the sidewalk, or flooded streets!
What she needs, besides a mural to King Neptune, is a stylish outfit that she can confidently and comfortably wear and not get her skivvies too wet! What do you think of your ensemble, Cardboard? Sure, those rain overalls aren't the sexiest little number but I think with a little bedazzling, you will rock it like the true top model that you are!


Cardboard said...

I've always wanted Wellies with little cinnamon rolls all over them. I've never actually seen the pattern but I just KNOW it would be adorable.

Katie said...

Those sound ADORABLE!!! Someone needs to design those.