Wednesday, August 15, 2007

West Elm Wants Your Business

West Elm really wants you to like them. I've seen two - count 'em - two online sweepstakes where you can win thousands of dollars worth of West Elm gear. And, in turn, they hope to win your heart.

Casasugar has teamed with West Elm to offer $5,000 to one lucky registrant. You must sign in, put together your wish list (which can be saved and edited), and wait to see if you're the lucky one. Only select WE merchandise is available to add to your list but it's quite fun to go shopping with fake money. The deadline for this contest is Sunday, August 19th.

Domino magazine
is also getting in the game. They're only offering $2,500 (to two winners) but you get to choose from anything WE supplies, including their new stuff. For this sweepstakes, you only need to send in your contact information. The deadline for this contest is Monday, August 20th.

I'm a sucker for free furniture so I entered both sweepstakes. If I do win, here are a couple of items that will surely find their way into my house:

Wood-Block Rug, $49-$599

Storage Bench, $249

Which lovely things would you choose? Come award time, I might just be feeling generous....

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Dysfunction Junction: said...

Oooh, I've been searching for a new desk to go in my tiny space. I've been eyeing the Jay Desk & Hutch in know, in case you're keeping track. ;)