Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Table Clothes

Bamboo & I are having a little soiree this weekend and I decided I need to cover my oddly colored desk/dining room table for the occasion. Here are some of my finalists:
Shadow Tablecloth, at Up to You (click on the Turn Heads section)
This is the first one that jumped out at me. The pricetag is a little steep ($80) and the dimensions are wrong for my table but it's a nice idea.
Haylee Tablecloth, at the Home Port
I saw this one awhile back and surfed the web again until I re-found it. The dimensions are right, the price isn't bad, and how sweet are those whimsical dandelions? I don't like that the Home Port isn't clear about the type of fabric though.
Kalamkari Tablecloth, at Ten Thousand Villages
I really like this one from Ten Thousand Villages. It looks like a decadent yet worn rug for the tabletop. The colors may actually be more brilliant in person but I rather like how it looks a little washed out and used. The cotton cloth is printed with hand-carved wooden blocks in India. I must admit I'm growing a little wary of fabric dyed in India, especially when said cloth will most certainly come to fisticuffs with salsa, wine, and marinated tofu.
Oh, oh, this one is adorable! And nothing is easier to care for than oilcloth! But, alas, it's only available in a 48" square and that will do me no good on a table that's nearly double that in length.

Wiltshire Oblong Tablecloth, at Bed Bath & Beyond

If I was throwing more of a champagne & caviar event, this might have been the one.

Capri Pink/Yellow Tablecloth, at Williams-Sonoma

This one's also a little spendy but it's on sale. I'm simply captivated at how they got those corners positioned just so! I wonder if I could pull that off or would the large-scale corner pattern end up being misaligned and sloppy-looking? Better not find out...
I ended up buying a very simple tweedy orange tablecloth at Bed Bath & Beyond (on $10 clearance!) a few days ago. I've got some plans involving a little sparkle to liven it up.
Now back to planning the menu...


chinesetwine said...

if there is an oil cloth pattern you like, let me know! there's a fabric store in st. paul that has TONS and i could get a cut for you & hem it up!

Anonymous said...

i bought some, cut to fit and didn't hem the edges. no problem.

katiedid said...

I have a friend who has closets full of beautiful table cloths, napkins, etc. She says that ROSS is where she gets most of them. Swear.