Friday, August 03, 2007

Bonus Bone: Eggflat by Josh Jakus

Eggflat, available at Branch

The eggflat is one sculptural beauty! It's made from industrial wool felt, which is comprised of 85% factory excess wool and 15% mixed fibers. So it looks good and is eco-friendly too! A win-win combination. It would look great holding your keys and change by your front door. Or I think it would be fabulous on a dresser holding all your trinkets and baubles. It also looks pretty nifty holding that pear. Oodles of uses!

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.


Anonymous said...

let us not overlook the design qualities of mounting egg flats (on walls and elsewhere, let your imagination go). in putting together my first home recording studio, I came into a large bounty of eggflats in lieu of more expensive acoustic foam. i came to like the texture and soon incorporated color and patterns into the mix. it ended up being a lot of fun trying new things. i've incorporated egg flats into some design projects for clients and have received nothing but raves.

katiedid said...

I'm loving this thing!