Monday, July 09, 2007

Handsoap (Pun Intended)

Handsoap, $10 for one "pretty" bagful

This handsoap from Foliage is sooo creepy but such a good idea. Maybe it's the whole forest of hands that's really freaking me out. No, I think a single mitt sitting next to the faucet would still give me the heebies. I bet, though, it'd look even creepier after it's been worn down to a little flesh-colored glob.

I so love it.


katiedid said...

They do conjur images of "Chuckie". But they are kind of morbidly cool.

Anonymous said...

you can keep them shits away from me.

paperlily said...

AGHHH!!! I think these would be great in a horror flick. More creepy than intriguing... (Might be fun to use these when you have guests, though)