Friday, June 22, 2007

The "New Tent"

We've all seen and "yeah, right"'ed the DWR Airstream. Cute but $50,000 worth of cute isn't within reach for most of us. Yet, it seems, it's started a trend.

Coming in at half the cost of the DWR model (and probably half the size) is the Sundance Teardrop Trailer.

Sundance states that their answer to the 1940's American road trip is "tricked out" with all kinds of goodies. The interior is crafted with maple and the exterior is made of ever-shiny aluminum. There's a full-size mattress, LED lighting, a foldaway stove, a hand pump faucet, and all kinds of little cubbies and cabinets. Basically, it's the fort you would have built as a kid, had you had already earned an degree in engineering. Of course, there's an extra delivery charge so you should probably start your cross-country journey by driving the SUV straight to the Sundance warehouse to pick this gem up.

Thanks goes to Mama Cardboard for finding this item and providing the title quote!

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katiedid said...

My Mom had an old Airstream she lived in while building a house in New Mexico. It was owned previously by a Mr. America who had glued pictures of himself inside all of the cabinets.She kept some just for fun!