Thursday, May 10, 2007

U-Haul or Bust

Bamboo's on her way!

She packed her gear into a small U-Haul and has about two full days of driving ahead of her. Mama Cardboard is coming out with her, which is good, because we've all heard plenty of U-Haul horror stories, right?

Does anyone have any good moving stories? What about any laugh-about-it-now bad ones?

photo credit: MrKurt


Anonymous said...

When my friend Kurt decided to move from New York City to Seattle, I volunteered to be his co-pilot. He rented a U-Haul and boy, were we annoyed to find out it was outfitted with a speed governor. I'd never even heard of such a thing. The entire trip we didn't go over 62 mph. It was a good, albeit sloooow-moving, bonding experience though. h

Anonymous said...

I've moved up and down the eastern seaboard 3 times now, and I can tell you the number #1 moving truck that was always pulled over and broken down was u-haul.

I can also tell you honda adn volvo drivers are the worst (speaking as a honda driver and former volvo owner) and Pennsylvania has the worst overall drivers.

Cardboard said...

That's a little scary because there are A LOT of hondas out there...

Anonymous said...

We just moved 2,000 miles (in February!) to Seattle. In the middle of Wyoming there was a nice snowstorm that was really more like a windstorm. Not being suicidal, we had paid someone else to transport our belongings, but we were still a little worried in our car. My husband pointed out the pickup with a U-Haul trailer ahead of us and said, "I'll watch him to see if things up ahead are getting slippery." Almost as soon as he finished the sentence, we watched as the wind caught the trailer just as it hit a patch of ice. The trailer dragged the truck across three (luckily empty) lanes, then back again, before flipping upside down--amazingly, the truck was still right-side-up. We stopped, and the drivers were shaken, but okay.

We were really happy we'd paid someone else to drive our stuff.

Anonymous said...

My parents purged their house of all my stuff and U-hauled it from Va to Chicago - everything went fine until they were backing out of the alley behind my apartment, and the trailer hitch-thingy (they brought my car too - I had just returned from overseas, and had left it with them) fell off for whatever reason, and a really nice guy got out of his car and helped them put it back on and told them that they didn't need to worry about me moving to the big city. They love Chicago now.

But I've moved once every year for the last ten years and I haven't had any problems with U-Haul or Budget trucks yet - I wouldn't recommend trying to reserve a U-Haul at the last minute at the end of summer because you'll be going all the way to Midway to pick up a truck if there's one even available, but other than that, I can't think of much in the way of really horrific moving stories (that have happened to me, anyway). The one time I paid people to move me they were really nice - I highly recommend Reebie.