Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Party Recap

The Spring Design Party was a success! Porcelain & I networked and munched on goat cheese and olives. Although the snacks were great, we had a brief Top Chef flashback as there seemed to be no adequate place to deposit one's olive pits! Yet we were soon distracted by this minor dilemma as soon as Professor Nugent began her well-orchestrated lecture. The topic she was asked to speak upon is how current design rivals what is considered to be classic design. She revealed that she was a bit nervous to give her presentation because her choices (both for classic and contemporary) might not be accepted by everyone. I don't think she had anything to worry about. My favorite comparison of the night was the classic design of the Bertoia Side Chair, made by Knoll in 1952...

Bertoia Side Chair, by Harry Bertoia, at

...with the newer version (1996) of the Marcel Wanders' Knotted Chair.

Knotted Chair, by Marcel Wanders, at Cappellini

I totally dig on the Knotted Chair! It's produced by covering the knotted rope with resin which is left to harden. It is claimed to be very durable and it only weighs about 6 pounds.

Thanks, again to ApartmentTherapy - Chicago for inviting us to co-host. Thanks to the other bloggers who showed up to support the movement. And, most of all, thanks to Hejfina for providing the space and the snacks (pits and all).


Unknown said...

we are on the same page, cardboard. the knotted chair was also my favorite "new classic"...and those shoes! the stood out to me from across the room. love.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was enamored of the knotted chair...until I sat in it. Dear lord, that thing is terribly uncomfortable.

Cardboard said...

That is sad news about the chair being uncomfortable. Maybe Wanders will read this and revise his blueprint.