Monday, April 09, 2007


What I remember most about the Cesca chair is how it slid so smoothly upon the carpet and the caning allowed for a pretty good bounce. Back then, of course, I didn't know that the chairs had a name and I certainly didn't know that what I was sitting on was woven cane.

When I was a little girl, the Marcel Breuer Cesca chair was my parents' choice for their dining room set. For many years, they've been stacked up in my mother's basement, waiting for their chance to, once again, host a dinner party. When she off-handedly mentioned she still had them, I jumped! I've wanted to replace my second-hand country-style dining room set with something a little more desirable, something a little more "me." It's actually odd that I got so excited about these chairs because they're a little modern (yet '70s) for my taste. For whatever crazy reason, I'm loving the silhouette (especially on the armless version). Now I just need to find a non-matching yet perfectly suited table!

Four of the Cescas (two with arms, two without, all with the black wooden frame) will be arriving in my house next month. My mom tells me that they're in pretty good shape but a few might need re-caning. Does anyone out there have any recommendations for a reasonably-priced Chicago furniture fixer-upper?

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Anonymous said...

I had these chairs growing up, the ones with out the handles.

I love them.