Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring Sleeping

I'm in the middle of a little house-cleaning, getting rid of some bad things and, in turn, some pretty bad vibes . One of my projects is new bedding! My current duvet cover is a deep red, raw silk number. It used to look great in my bedroom but it's a little worn out, kitty-claw marked, and just too moody for the way I'm feeling right now. I'm on the hunt for something lighter, prettier, something utterly and completely different.

Duvet - Green

I first fell in love with this duvet cover from Target. I love how simple, clean, and fresh it looks. It's also available in pink, yellow, and I thought I saw blue last night but now I can't find it. Although I really do love this cover, it wouldn't work in my room without changing up a lot of things I don't really want to change. I also read the "guest review" listed on Target's site, and discovered that the green stripe tends to bleed into the white fabric after washing. Now that's a good way to ruin its crisp look.

Suite 109 Serenity Duvet

Next I came across this one from It's very feminine and soft-looking, which is a direction in which I wouldn't mind heading. I like all the rusching and texture because it's pretty but it might also stand up to the cats a bit longer than something too sleek. The WHITE makes me a little nervous but at least it's washable. And, at half price, this one is definitely a contender.

Birch Duvet Cover

The final duvet I found last night, before crawling back under my old skanky one, is this snappy silver cover from West Elm. If you look closely, you can see that it's got a faux wood grain that runs throughout the fabric! That's awesome! I wasn't terribly keen on the silveriness of the whole thing, at first, but the subtle pattern makes up for that. Also, the walls in my bedroom are painted light silver-grey so this might fit right in. I think it's something I would have to see in person before I made a decision. Luckily for me, West Elm is offering free shipping on it right now!

If you have any other ideas for me, either a specific duvet or just a place to shop, I'd love to hear them. Here are my standards:

- Full/Queen
- Washable
- Light in color (I have a white cat who likey the bed.)
- Minimal pattern, if any at all (I already have a lot of print-action going on in the bedroom:
one wallpaper wall, a giant multicolored rug, etc)
- Decently priced (ie: no Inmod Design Studio)


Eric R. Rickert said...

my duvet is a white number from target, white-on-white satin pinstripes over white cotton, and i love it.

this post reminds me of something i read about the sets from 'sex and the city.' the designer said he made miranda's apartment dark the first few seasons because he wanted it to look like a bruise, and he gradually lightened everything until the sixth season, when her classic six was super, super light and airy.

anyway, i'm smelling what you're stepping in. i'm doing a similar thing of my own these days.

Kristina said...

Garnet Hill and The Company Store have some really nice prints - I love the Kimono fabric one at Garnet Hill, but don't think it would go with my smurf-colored room.

Kristina said...

Oops. The Company Store was the one with the kimono-related bedding I am sweating.

Jana said...

Duvet looks great, is anyone knows where can i find this now