Monday, March 26, 2007

Custom Blindness

Flipping through the most recent Smith + Noble catalog, I saw "windoware" made of bamboo, linen, velvet, and twill. I paused to admire the wooden blinds, so regal in their straightness. Wooden blinds are nice. They're certainly a step up from their aluminum cousins, the sad blinds which crease, break, and get left behind when people move. Smith + Noble, I noticed, knows that sometimes you may want the sturdiness wooden blinds provide but not necessarily the look of the grain. For an extra $20 (per submitted sample), Smith + Noble will custom match the wooden blinds to your decor. They'll paint or stain them to match your walls, floors, furniture, or even the dish you're serving for dinner (assuming you can send in a 1 sq. inch swatch of spaghetti & meatballs).

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Good suggestion! Smith+Noble Blinds is a great resource for good quality blinds and shades.