Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"13 Conversations"

"13 Conversations," a series of machine embroideries by Australian artist, Louisa Bufardeci, really hits home for me. Each tiny piece (13 x 18 cm) is a representation of a one minute-long recorded phone call. Her sources are infamously taped conversations, her own private dialogues, and phone calls between "abstract people." Her intent with the series, was to explore how the intrusiveness of wiretapping effects the "home-sweet-homeliness" of private space.

I get where she's going with it but if she really wanted to bring paranoia to the surface, why did she use such lovely colors? Each embroidery does provoke a sense of discontent, with all the erratic lines and overlapping static. Yet, all in all, I think they are also tremendously pretty.

2006/01/16 20:33 20:34 her and you

1965/12/30 22:28 22:39 her with Martin Luther King Jr

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