Thursday, October 26, 2006

The "peeni" mug

Lap mug, available at Design My World
Cardboard and I felt that we just had to post about these lap mugs because of the name of our blog and, well, just look at them!!!

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yilb said...

We had a TERRIBLE experience with the company that sells these lap mugs. And we're not the only ones (look up comments about them on Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge before you order anything from them).

We ordered a lamp from their web site, and they sent us the wrong one. We were wondering how that could have happpened, because we never would have wanted the lamp they sent us. So, we tested their site, and sure enough, when we clicked the lamp we wanted, it added the wrong lamp to our shopping cart. We brought this to their attention, and they said nothing was wrong with their site. So, we tested it again, and sure enough, they fixed the problem. However, they refused to admit there was a bug in the first place and wouldn't pay for return S&H costs. We actually ended up having to dispute the charge with our credit card company, which I've never had to do in my life. When I told them that their service was awful and I would post my experience on blogs, they responded with this threat:

"I suggest you really think before you decide to post any slander on any bloggs as this may make the situation a little more complicated than you may want."

They tried to make it seem like I would get in trouble for posting my honest experience, my side of the story! Not only is their service awful, but they don't seem to respect our rights to consumer advocacy and freedom of speech. Buyer, be very, very wary.