Thursday, October 19, 2006

At the end of the Runway, there's pasta

Porcelain & I gathered together for last night's Project Runway: Season 3 finale. We were so excited (but also sad because our pal, Formica, couldn't make it). The 3 of us make a habit of convening on Wednesday nights for dinner, wine, Project Runway, wine, judgment and cattiness, and more wine. Last night was special because we finally got to see the Bryant Park Collections and find out who got the big, stylish blue ribbon slapped on their couture. AND, to my happiness, Top Chef was premiering directly after the PR bash.

Going into the finale, I think Porcelain & I both wanted
Michael to take the prize. He had such promise and when he got something right, he really got it right. After viewing the final collections, however, I think Uli coaxed both of us back into her corner. She tempered her free-flowing spirit with camel-colored fabrics, but kept it spicy with flashes of silver and sultry cuts that showed a lot of (appropriate) skin. Yet she was able to stick in a few of her billowing, printed jungle dresses (her unmistakable trademark) without making them seem out of place. And, um, yeah, did her swimsuit/cover-up ensemble not urge gasps of delight from the audience?! Uli proved to me that she, more than Justin, knows how to bring sexy back.

The Shoulda: Uli Herzner

But, sigh, Jeffrey won. His collection was good, inventive, edgy, all that. But there was nothing terribly exciting about it and I still can't really get over him barking at Angela's mother like she was a mangy, smelly old dog. I'm happy that Jeffrey can now provide a future for his punk baby and his mohawked wife I will say that Jeffrey's model, Marilinda, was my favorite skinny girl so I'm at least happy that she won too.

To save the anti-climatic evening, Porcelain & I followed Pozy Gets Cozy's advice and made some utterly delicious rigatoni with pumpkin sage cream sauce. Oh man. Seriously. Do it.


janel said...

You two are so right on! I thought it shoulda been Uli and I wish I could have thought that it shoulda been Michael...

Alison Rose said...

Do you think that necklace Uli wears is from her Mom?.... Hmmmm... I agree with most of your thoughts too. I did like alot of Laura's dresses too... but she was kinda too focused on her look, super low no chest baring dresses... aww alas, sad that it's over.