Monday, October 09, 2006

And now for more on crafting

I love me some craft fairs! Ever since my sister and her boyfriend started Alison Rose, a small online business that sells really sweet stuff, I've been hooked on them. I've gone to (and worked) Renegade, Chicago more than a couple of times. I've also gone to (and worked) Art vs Craft in Milwaukee. Most recently, I joined Alison Rose as they headed east to Washington DC for Crafty Bastards. We drove and, therefore, epitomized the road trip all over again. Except, now, instead of downing Mountain Dew and blasting the Beastie Boys, I'm more content to sip awful gas station coffee and gaze out the window to the lullaby of an audio book. All in all, I had so much fun trekking across a couple of states, setting up the tent, and hawking handmade stuff that I'd love to make it my full-time job. Ah, if only...
Sunset in PA

And, while we're on the subject of craft fairs, if you're in the Chicago area, mark your calendars for this weekend's DEPART-ment. After all, the gift-giving holidays are quickly approaching!


nicholas said...

yes! it was a swell time. soon, we will be doing this fulltime. all of us. at least, thats my wish.

Maryam in Marrakech said...

Oh I so, so miss craft fairs here in Morocco. Lucky, lucky you!