Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm in...Time Out!

For all you local design bodies, I have exciting news! One room in my house was featured in the current Time Out Chicago magazine! The photo shoot and interview took place a couple of weeks ago but the issue hits newsstands TODAY. Not only is my dining room in there, but they also used a detail shot of my hallway for the cover (see below) and another photo for the Table of Contents. Time Out Chicago photographed me & roommate in our natural habitat (having coffee in the dining room). Hurrah!

But it's not all about me. The magazine features 5 local non-designers and their living spaces. I haven't had a chance to see it yet and I'm dying to run home and check it out. I heard a rumor about someone with a New Kids on the Block themed bathroom!

Time Out Chicago is a weekly periodical so, if you're interested in seeing how other people live, you don't have much time to grab a copy.


Mama Cardboard said...

And cardboard will be grabbing all the copies she can!

Design Milk said...

congrats! i need to see that NKOTB bathroom.

cardboard said...

Oh man, I feel like a jerk. There is no photo of the NKOTB bathroom but I'm still certain that it does exist. Design milk, sounds like you have to make your own! Happy Ebaying!

porcelain said...

But the photograph of the guy who has the NKOTB bathroom is pretty out of control! It is definitely worth checking out.