Friday, September 01, 2006

Bonus Bone: Comfy chair

Last night I attended the Eames Film Festival at DWR. Every chair and couch that they sold was set out for the audience. It was a great way to test out a chair you might be eyeing and see how comfy it is. I sat in the Globus Chair.

Globus Chair-Wood by Jesús Gasca

It was not comfortable AT ALL!!!! After about 20 minutes, I started to shift in my seat trying to find a more comfortable position. When no comfy position could be found, I slowly started to slowly slide down in the seat and then sit up straight. I probably drove the people behind me crazy with my constant up-down-up-down routine. The problem was the seat was way too hard for your tush. If I had sat in it for only 5 minutes, it probably would have been fine. If you want to sit on it and watch a film festival or during a long dinner, this would not be a good choice.

After the films ended, I tried out a couple of other chairs that I have lusted after. The chair that I wish I had snagged was the Paulistano armchair. It was perfect! The soft leather cradled you as if you were in the most comfortable hammock. The angle of the back and seat was ideal, it was neither too upright nor too deep. It is a chair that I could see myself sliding into and reading a good book for hours on end. This is a chair that is comfortable AND has style, which I discovered last night is a hard combo to find!

Paulistano Armchair by Paulo Mendes da Rocha

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.


Snobby the Clown said...

Don't you know that it doesn't matter what you feel like as long as it looks good?

porcelain said...

Suck it snobby!