Friday, September 15, 2006

Bonus Bone: 2-in-1

I love 2-in-1 products. Not only do you get to get your money's worth, but you also save on space, which is much needed if you are a city dweller like Cardboard and myself.

In my kitchen, I have a tall wine rack that we do not use at all, except to place a little Hello Kitty boombox on. My husband is allergic to wine, therefore I don't buy wine in bulk because it takes me about a week to go through a bottle. So the rack just sits there taking up space and gathering dust, plus it is just not our style. It has got to go, but we need a spot for the boombox. We don't have a lot of counter space and need every last inch, so putting the it on the counter is out of the question. What we need is a short side table, that won't get in the way. The solution we've come up with is to buy the bent plywood Benjamin stool from IKEA. What sold me on getting this was that it is a nice side table AND you can sit on it. So when we have guests visiting or a dinner party, we only need to move the Hello Kitty boombox, et voila, we have an extra seat!

For Cardboard's birthday earlier this year I bought her a cake stand, but not any ordinary cake stand. Flip the pedestal upside down, invert the cover, place it into the hollow recess, et voila, you now have a punch bowl!!

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.


orange ed said...

hello i too am crazy for 2 in 1's...have been wanting a cake stand for ages; do you mind sharing wher you found it?

orange ed said...

oh, Sur la Table, oops....thnx