Monday, August 21, 2006

Textured Glass

Mama Cardboard is finally re-doing her ancient bathroom. We will be posting before/after images for this project soon! I've been helping out with tile decisions, paint colors, which direction to lay the hardwood floor, etc. Basically, I have bathroom design on the brain.

While bopping about the internet, I discovered UltraGlas, a company in California that makes textured glass. Although they work on all kinds of installations (from bar tops to flooring), I think they would make a really neat privacy window for a bathroom.

Here are my top 3 designs (the light and shadow are photographed through the glass):

Fine Lines



The price is probably ridiculous and, after seeing their online portfolio, I realize that they are accustomed to much larger jobs. But a "Dots" window could be something really fun and just a little bit different.

What do you think, Mama C.?


Mama Cardboard said...

I think the UltraGlas designs are really cool but way too contemporary for my bathroom. Looks like I am going more traditional - the glass block and the colored tile we picked contemporarize it just a touch, but still stay in line with the 100-year-old house... I could see the UltraGlas blocks in Porcelain's house...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Glass-- Lou from-