Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sugar, no Cream

Daisies Cream & Sugar Set by Jolly Good Tea & Gifts
It happened again. I had some neighbors over to my place for a meeting on Sunday afternoon. I decided it would be a nice thought to have coffee on hand. I don't serve coffee (or tea) to guests very often but when I do, I get excited about it and like to have it just right. I have cups and matching saucers. I have a nice serving tray. I can substitute another cup for a sugar dish because I do have tiny spoons for stirring. However, the one thing I don't have and can't scrounge up is a cute container to hold the cream. It's that whole pouring lip. A measuring cup lacks showmanship and a juice pitcher holds WAY too many calories. Nothing else will work.

I would like to find a sweet little set. My mom has a cream pourer in the shape of a cow. I've always liked it but there's no sugar match.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to start looking? I don't have any particular style in mind; fun and not-too-expensive are my main requirements!


Anonymous said...


Ikea has a cute creamer/bowl set - cheap, too.

cardboard said...

My, my. That is a cute little guy, isn't it. Weird that it's not available online though.