Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Naked & Angry

Heavenly Scales by Richard Lee

Parsley A by Kimberley Crofts

I love it when local Chicago companies receive a lot of much deserved attention! Naked & Angry has been popping up in a few blogs recently (here, here & here). They're an affiliate of Threadless (both skinnyCorp companies) and both share the same design submission process: Anyone can submit a design, the people vote, after seven days the design is given a final score, the highest scoring designs are manufactured, and the winning designers receive $500 and five free Naked & Angry items.

Naked & Angry's first series consists of silk neck ties. Their second series consists of bold hand-screened wallcoverings. I like that Naked & Angry encourage you to be creative with how you use this paper. Heavenly Scales is my favorite of the bunch and I think it would be very sexy inside your underpants drawer. I love the idea of hiding the boldness and giving a mundane area a big jolt of pizzazz!!!

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