Friday, August 25, 2006

Bonus Bone: Pug Pillow

I feel I really have to explain my choice here. Normally, I wouldn't get excited about a needlepoint pillow. They're fussy (mixing velvet with satin and fringe and tassels) or they're supremely tacky (letting us know that "Nothin' says lovin' like Big Mama's oven"). They can be sweet and simple but, normally, it's not a style I gravitate towards. Until now...

Pedigree Needlepoint Pillows

I love the pug pillow! Ever since I spent a long weekend walking a friend's nasally-challenged pug up and down Old Orchard Beach, I have been in love with the breed. The snorting sounds, the roly barrel body, the Dr.Seussian curlicue tail - I can't get enough! Yet, for many reasons, I do not have a pug to call my own. This pillow might just have to do until that fine day when I bring my own little sausage body home.

I found this pillow about a year ago and I really can't recall how I stumbled across it.
Sears (of all places) sells the pillow in the pug design or the terrier. Both pillows have excellent kitsch factor and the terrier is cute but it doesn't grab my heart like the pug. Sears is probably marketing the pillow to:
1. Women.
2. Women who browse Sears.
3. Women who browse Sears, feed their triplet pugs at the dinner table, and outfit them in leopard print coats and rhinestone collars.

Regardless, I like the idea of owning this pillow but not actually owning the dog. At $50 a pop, they're a little pricey to be so ridiculously ghastly but they would fit so well into the
'dog' motif of my living room. And (hopefully) they don't shed.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.


Judy said...

Yikes. Though I like the breed, I have no choice but to declare this hideous pillow a vagina dryer.

cardboard said...

My goodness, Judy! No one asked how you would use it! I've always believed that ardent details about pillow trysts should be kept secret.