Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Holy green chaise, Batman!

Boutonniere Chaise


This is quite a green chaise, a new piece of furniture available at Crate and Barrel. Imagine laying on this and telling Dr. Freud all of your issues with your Mom and strange dreams you are having. That bold color might just leech into your psyche and make you crazier than you already are.

I am drawn to its sleek '60s styling and the punchy green color. When I showed it to my partner in crime, Cardboard, she commented, "Holy price tag, Batman." Yeouch!! Definitely not in our budgets. In the words of Cardboard, we were both blinded by a type of green.


Sara said...

Love the Batman inspired descriptives! How apt!

I love this shade of green. I'm never quite sure what to call that vintagey green between moss and avocado.

And yeah, it seem like everything I like from Crate and Barrel and CB2 is decidedly out of budget for me too!

Jessica said...

I don't know where to start...do i comment on the furniture or the incredibly witty post that you have written. Both deserve many cudos!

Nancy said...

You guys have issues with your moms...?

porcelain said...

Who doesn't have issues with their moms? Ha!!! ;) I kid, I kid, I kid.