Friday, June 30, 2006

Bonus Bone: Orange & Green

Bourbon!, courtesy of dooce

Whether it's captured in a homey side dish or a brilliant splash of Begonias, the pairing of orange and green simply works. This fact became ever so apparent to me when I painted my dining room a rich and deep orange. After the room was painted and I was pondering accent colors, the first natural choice was various shades of green. Now, I find that when I'm out shopping, I'll find a moss-hued bowl, glass stained grass (green), or even an old army patch, and I'll think how wonderful it would look in my orange room.

In this particular example, I collected a lovely old pine-colored book (I don't even remember what the title is), a vintage copy of In Cold Blood, and a marble end piece in the regal shape of a chess player's Knight. When these objects arranged themselves against my orange wall, I wiped my hands and exclaimed, "Done!". It's a small moment in the big picture of all things decorating but, to me, it's quiet perfection.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.
Note: I felt like a shmuck for not knowing what the green book was so I went and checked. It's Poems of George Eliot. There's no publishing date that I can locate but there is a penciled inscription dated 1888!


margaret lee said...

orange and green are my wedding colors! :) or charteuse and mango, to be more specific. :)

beccajo said...

At my workplace (the website for a bead store) we always say green is a 'neutral', because in nature, green goes with EVERYTHING. Have you ever seen a flower that doesn't match its leaves?