Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Worth the Week: French Fries IN the Sandwich

French Fries IN the Sandwich

Heat and I are a couple of hams. We ended up at Lucky's Sandwich Company only because we saw it on TV. Well...that and who wouldn't want to try out a sandwich that has the french fries already in it?!

Last Wednesday at Lucky's was nearly empty, perfectly cozy for a slow, snowy night. The sandwich though...? It plates up more slices of legend and bravado than it does bacon or steak. The fries, we understand now, are ideal filler, which may allow the eatery to skimp out on the meat.

But it was still a feat to eat this beast and, when I'm not clutching at my chest, I hold my cholesterol trophy high [ack!] and proud.

Take one photograph,
trade thought for order and words,
call it Worth the Week.

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RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

Oh my, this looks good!