Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Worth the Week: Harmony

Part of me has always wanted to be a back-up singer. Standing up in front, ripping through the high notes, and actually hearing yourself, just isn't my thing. (Not that it could be my thing, the three-pronged American Idol panel would insist.) But if I could, and decided I should, I would wear all black, bounce my weight from leg to leg, and sing strong on that back beat.

This secret preference was made positively clear last Friday night when I sang karaoke - alone! - for the first time ever. Sure, I felt a little cool (even though most of the credit belongs to Mr. Fishbowl Margarita III). Mostly though, I just felt silly.

But these fellers - these two guys with their two parts balanced on their one-mind track - they were not silly at all.

Take one photograph,
trade thought for order and words,
call it Worth the Week.

1 comment:

Mama C said...

Can't believe you sang karaoke! Very brave. Did you don the pink wig...?