Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Art Farm

Dan Martensen and Shannan Click's country home, all photographs by The Selby

When Hardwood was laid off this summer, we started to reexamine our lives. We questioned what we wanted to do, where we wanted to live and what kind of lives we wanted to lead. We met a young ceramic artist earlier in the year who bought a farm in Western Michigan and used all the out buildings for making art. We loved this idea and seriously considered the idea of moving from Chicago and starting our own Art Farm.

We want to be able to make a living off our art. We also love the idea of having a self-sustaining life. Growing everything we eat, bartering with other members of the community for services/products, etc. We even went so far as check out a farm for sale in Michigan.
In the end we decided that we still had a bit of the city left in us. Plus we weren't financially able to up and move right away. This might be a five year plan sort of situation.

When I saw the Selby's photographs of Dan Martensen and Shannan Click's country home, all my country living/Art Farm dreams came flooding back. The simplified life, fresh veggies, pickling, ping pong tournaments and space to make noise and get messy. There's one more thing I'd like to add to our dream list:
a pool!


Bree said...

Oh I KNOW. These pictures KILL me. Add in the fact he's some cool photographer and she's a model, and I am positively GREEEEEEN.

And not in the sustainable way.

Ana Herda said...

As a child my parents (hippies) were friends with another set of hippies who had bought an old summer camp in Michigan. Me coming from boat hippies thought this was amazing and in my mind it still is.

They had a lake, buildings for welding and art and space.

They also had a daughter named lavender and a dog named cherrie pie.

I think everyone has a fantasy of getting some room and being free to do anything they want.

I'd empty out a pound and have herds of shelter dogs and cats on my property/

Katie said...

Bree, I know! I want to punch them both IN THE FACE!

Cherrie Pie might be the best dog name ever! Sounds like a magical place Ana!!!

Cardboard said...

My favorite image, handsdown, is the drawers full of silverware. I want this. You'd only have to wash utensils once a month!

FrugalFag said...

Just awesome. (Although I should say I'm nowhere near ready to leave the city yet either.) Where is this place?