Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Things from Sharpie

New to me: Sharpie INDUSTRIAL marker
It's made for laboratory use so it can withstand intense high/low temperatures and atypical wear. I scribbled about with one last weekend and it's basically just like a regular Sharpie - only more "black and crazy."

New to all: Sharpie PEN
I'm excited to try one of these skinnies! We love Sharpie for delivering smooth, dark lines (until, of course, the markers age a bit and the nibs turn fuzzy and dry but - alas - such is the nature of the beast) but they're always scarily permanent. This pen, however, won't tattoo you for life and promises not to bleed through the page.

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more is jess said...

Um, I just got irrationally excited about the new Sharpie pen. Do they sell them in 1,000 packs at Costco yet?