Thursday, August 27, 2009

Onion storage

Hardwood and I cook with onions a lot! We always have a bag or two laying around ready to be used in making vegetable stock, sautéed to put over a few pierogies or thinly sliced for a sandwich. Our current storage situation is rather pathetic. Behold!

Onions on a "festive" tray on top of our cat food storage (old litter container).

It's rather unsightly. Martha Stewart, we are not. So we've been looking around for other options - something that won't take up much space and that will allow some air flow.

I spotted the Grom storage containers in the new Ikea catalog and think they might be perfect. They can hang on the bottom shelf in our pantry and since they are so cheap we could
grab a second one for some potatoes and other wintertime tubers.

Gorm, at Ikea


this humble abode said...

Unsightly indeed, I am shocked!

Katie said...

It's the year of keepin' it real. NO styled photo shoots, just snap and post.