Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Your City, Your Choice

We just got word that the folks over at Jessica Rust need our help! This swanky but sweet proprietor of personalized dinnerware is extending the search for the next city silhouette to be featured on the Skyline Collection of tea mugs.

Skyline Tea Mugs, at Jessica Rust

They already have Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, London, Paris, and they're asking us to fill in their survey as to where to go next. Anyone who takes the survey is eligible to win a free Skyline mug!

I, of course, rang in with Denver, although Porcelain might suggest the skyline would simply be a line of mountain with a bison on top. If she, however, pencils in Detroit, I'll say that the artwork for a crumbling warehouse with a smattering of feral dogs is no better. Cash Register building in your face, P!

Don't let our turf war scare you off though. Hop over and offer your feedback to this clever Minneapolis-based designer. And please don't miss out on all the other lovely Jessica Rust designs:

Birch Mugs, $58 for 4

Dessert Plate from the Love Bug Collection


Katie said...

Oh come on now C! You LOVE crumbling decay!!! You would love having a mug with boarded up bungalows and overgrown fields! And I'm not saying this with an ounce of sarcasm!

Renaissance Center, Penobscot Buidling, Masonic Temple, Spirit of Detroit sculpture, Joe Lewis Fist sculpture (totally rad), Heidelberg Project, and I could go on and on and on!

Cardboard said...

You're so right. Even as I was typing the words last night, I thought to myself, "I would love gold rimmed dinnerware with renderings of derelict tenements..."

And that Fist sculpture IS totally rad!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

love them!


jdg said...

what, pray tell, makes you think that's what detroit's skyline looks like?

Cardboard said...

I'm just givin' Detroit a hard time, as everyone seems to do, I suppose. No offense implied, jdg. Detroit rocks eternally.