Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Friendly Shot

Drinkware, at Crate & Barrel
If someone wanted to discuss this jumble of "Best Buy" stemware from Crate & Barrel, I would say that I approve of the globe glass on the right and the conversation might then be over. All of the other glasses, I feel, are either too blah or presumptuous and silly. Yet they do remind me of my good friend, Sue O., whom I can always rely upon when my life becomes "crap."

Here's to you, Sue. Enjoy a drink on me.


Anonymous said...

Those spiky martini glasses in the sphere of ice make me mad I tell you, maaaadddd. But not quite as maaaaaddd as those champagne flutes with no bottom that you're just supposed to set down in a barrel of ice somewhere. Haven't we, as a society, progressed past that? Haven't we?

Anonymous said...

the one in the foreground of the picture with the ice bowl beneath the cone glass (i believe its crate and barrel?) is very good for serving shrimp cocktail in as well. the ice keeps the cocktail sauce cold, and the shrimp and a lemon wedge rest nicely on the edge of the glass. viva la glass repurposing!