Friday, March 28, 2008

Bonus Bone: French Hermetic Terrines

French hermetic terrines, available at The Container Store

For the past couple weeks Hardwood and I have been battling an ant problem in our kitchen. We keep a pretty tidy home, so this made us super paranoid that we were dirtier than we thought. And it just seriously grossed us out! It took us awhile to find where they were entering our unit (from the basement), but knock on wood, we conquered those suckers thanks to Terro!

One night when we just couldn't take it any more, we stocked up on ant bait at Home Depot and swung by The Container Store to buy a bunch of glass containers for some of our dry goods. We hadn't noticed any ants in the pantry, but we really did not want to take any chances. We already have several glass containers storing spices, herbs, flour, sugar, etc, but it was nice to finally get some more containers for random bits. After filling the jars, I got a total Martha Stewart-high from the beautiful organization. No more garish boxes, just the beauty of glass and food stuff.

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.


Anonymous said...

Porcelain -
We have been suffering the Chicago ant plague as well. Raid, Combat, etc. all left the little buggers alive. We got your Terro and 3 DAYS later - done! Thank you for the piles of dead ant carcasses in our kitchen.

Katie said...

Anon, so glad I could have helped!! Amazing stuff that Terro.