Sunday, February 03, 2008

Live Blogging: Super Bowl Chill Zone

I'm sitting here, "watching" the Super Bowl or, more accurately, the Super Bowl commercials. I've compiled a list of necessary items for designing the perfect Super Bowl (or Oscar Ceremony) chill zone.

Turko Floral Cushions, at Wrapables
1. Comfy seating. No one expects you to have the couch space for 17 rowdy fans but there is a Plan B for stadium overflow. Floor cushions are great for making your ample floor space more inviting. Just make sure there are clear paths to the kitchen and bathroom. You don't want to be responsible for any of your guests spending next season on the bench.

Sony 26" LCD HDTV, at Sears (and on sale!)
2. TV. Duh. After seeing the HDTV example set by the new flat screen in the convenience store across the street from my house, I now recognize the allure. I might try to save up for a high-definition replacement but, until that day, I have a big ol' tube TV and it'll do.

Origami Fun Kit for Beginners, at Amazon; The Game of Life, image from Wikipedia
3. Non-Super Bowl Activities. If you invite a bunch of people over, there will inevitably always be a few tag-alongs who aren't really down with the sports. A good host would distract them with conversation and pull them into food prep. A great host would provide them with a different kind of game! Origami is a crafty, (usually) non-competitive option or you can always play upon nostalgia with the childhood favorite, The Game of Life.

Peanut Butter Pretzels, at Sam's Club; Chicken Wings, at Wings Around the World;
Vanilla Drumsticks; and Homemade Artichoke Pie

4. Lots and lots of snacks. This might be the most important factor in a good TV get-together. I suggest going with surprising snacks that invoke happy memories, like stuffed pretzels and old-school ice cream cones. You'll also want to serve at least a few items of traditional fare, such as chicken wings or pizza. Whatever is on your plate, make sure it's hearty and full of bread because it's got to absorb all the...

Goose Island Brews, at Chicagoland liquor stores; Beer Keg Adult Costume, at Spirit
5. Beer. The Super Bowl is not a Gin & Tonic event nor should you serve wine (and keep a straight face). Since I don't have too many people over, a six-pack of Goose Island Honker's Ale is doing the trick. If you have a full-fledged party on your hands, however, you might consider getting a keg. This requires some advanced planning but you don't have to worry about (recycling) a houseful of empties the next morning.

" guys go on...," by aphasiafilms on flickr
6. A place to crash. I believe a good host will always have room for loved ones who've had a bit too much fun. If your party animal is mostly coherent, cab fare might be adequate. Yet if your guest thinks the Kleenex box is their left shoe, your couch is a safer option. Take care of your peeps, humbly and without judgment, and you'll be #1 on the invite list for their next party.

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did you seriously only have one six-pack for your guests?