Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey Mr. DJ...

Urbanati DJ Console, by Trevor O'Neil
Trevor O'Neil (of T.O.D.) sent us a pretty bad-ass heads up. He just finished the design and build-out of a custom media stand for one hip client. Not only does the piece look polished and original but it's all kinds of repurposed. Here's what Trevor says:

I used only recycled materials - that same cork [leftover from a previous piece, Dulce De Leche Diva]. The pine beams are actually from my childhood home that was recently sold and gutted (snif--talk about heartbreak), and the plywood was left over from a cabinet job.

I'm really fond of O'Neil's designs. If I remember correctly, he's self-taught in the arts of furniture design. It impresses me that he's constantly creating strong, unique pieces that look great but also have a green heartbeat. Or should I say...

Playerz' off the chain with the dope homegoods design and he be representin' OG and eco-illin'. Now spin my jam, homeslice.

If you're interested in a custom job or anything else he's got going on, send him a note shout out.

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