Friday, November 23, 2007

Guest Post: Bird on Feliway

photo by Bamboo

Hey, my name is Bird. I am Cardboard's cat. I am bigger and more whiter than her cat other who is more black and orange and smaller. Sometimes we fight, me and the black and orange. I know she is my sister but she annoys me.

I am a tough cat probably because I was a kitten on the streets. When I found a home, I didn't know what to do. But it was really good to finally be clean. Now, if things are messy or stinky, I am reminded of my hard kittenhood and I get pissed
off...really. Cardboard calls them "accidents" but they are my plans.

I also don't like to be touched very much and I never want to be picked-up. Before, I said it: I am a tough cat. I am no sissy to be carried like a baby.

Awhile ago, Cardboard got tired of all the accidents. My doctor told her about some juice in a jar that you plug into the holes in the wall that should make me feel better. It's called Feliway. It's got something called pheromones. It's supposed to make me stop peeing on the floor, fighting with my sister, and getting freaked out about the the little things (which aren't little to me even though I am big).

I didn't think it would work: I am a tough cat. But I have to say, I'm feliwaying (get it?) pretty good. I don't want to get all mushy now and here but I never knew that a warm lap felt so nice. I still don't like to be carried (that's just embarrassing) but I do jump up on Cardboard's lap when she's blogging. I sit on Bamboo's bed with her while she does her homework. I purr. I don't pee outside of the potty dome unless it is absolutely, completely unacceptably foul. Even the black and orange is growing on me.

Bird & Mille

For these reasons, I, Bird, declare this a Design Boner.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, adorable.

Anonymous said...

Feliway is great! You can also try adding a 2nd litter box if accidents happen again. Especially if he is so territorial (I am a former vet assistant.) We also recommend a "beach" a large under the bed storage box w/ lots of litter! Good luck, I love Bird, I have a weak spot for the old warrior kitties and he looks like a mighty warrior!

Kelly said...

besides that being the best blog post i've read in a while, i have to say that me and my orange and white (aka Roxy) have tried Feliway for some of the same reasons. we've had so-so results. glad you're all faring better!

Joanna Goddard said...

what little cuties!!!