Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fabric from Purl Patchwork

Fabric by Joel Dewberry for Westminster, available at Purl Patchwork

The other weekend Hardwood and I were in New York for work. While Hardwood was stuck in boring meetings (poor thing), I got to gallivant off and play. I met up with my best friend from college and enjoyed a yummy lunch and a little bit of shopping around SoHo and the West Village. The highlight of our shopping trip was stopping at Purl Patchwork. I nearly hyperventilated at all the beautiful fabric. I decided to treat myself and bought a couple yards of this chic Art Deco-ey scale fabric. It reminds me a lot of this wallpaper from Naked & Angry.


Anna @ D16 said...

Katie, I just left this comment for you at DesignSponge, but just in case you don't see it there, I'll ask here...

Do you think it’s heavy enough for light upholstery? I need to have some simple square cushions made for a pair of chairs (they won’t be stretched/stapled, just loose seat and back cushions), and I love this fabric but am unsure about the weight. (No time to order a swatch if I want to take advantage of this great discount!)

Katie said...

Hi Anna,

I'll cross post this answer over on d*s as well just in case.

The fabric I have is about mid-weight, definitely not thick upholstery fabric, but not paper thin. It is somewhere in-between. I think it could work for what you are looking to do. Hope that helps! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you do with it. It's a fantastic pattern.

Anna @ D16 said...

Thanks, Katie!!