Monday, September 24, 2007

Open Book: Further Persons Imperfect

I have such exciting news! My short story, "Learning to Walk," was recently published in the newly released anthology, Further Persons Imperfect. Dan, the nephew of our editor says it best when he states that each of the 17 stories in this book is "exciting, happy, sad, scary, funny or weird." How can you NOT want to read it?!

But - WAIT - it gets better! William F. Nolan (yes, the real-live author of Logan's Run) has this to say about my own piece:

(I couldn't resist scanning Nolan's manually typed letter. The charm of it is just too much. Thanks for the support, Bill!)

And that's not all! I may have written a story but Porcelain landed the cover! Yep, scroll back up there and notice the dynamic formed by her legs and forearms in what is surely a Tyra-inspired posture. Who knew that one day our shared love of photo booths would lead to this?

Further Persons Imperfect costs a mere $12.95 and is available through iUniverse. I'd be ever so grateful if all you bloggy buddies picked up a copy and supported my drive into fiction.

But, if to entice you, I must turn it all back toward design, the cover is bright yellow and would look fantastic in room painted gray, plum, or turquoise so...

CLICK HERE to order!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ladies! Hope it sails off the shelf!

Devon said...

so excellent!!! congrats! may this be the first of your many forays into real-live print publication (both of you)!!

Ana Herda said...

Congratulations, Ladies!

nicholas said...

im totally buying some for xmas presents! good work team boner!