Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend Flings

We're starting something new over here at design boner. While perusing the internet, we often find really fun, exciting, hilarious, and (often) ridiculous things. We'd love to post something about them on design boner but, many times, they don't fall within our scope or we simply run out of describinary words (see what I'm talking about). But we really do want you to see this stuff!

So we decided to follow in the tradition of Desire to Inspire's Winks, as we introduce you to design boner's Weekend Flings! Short and sweet, these posts will go live over the weekend. We hope to fill the blog lull period with links to notable items we found during the prior week. And since we have a couple of friends who have a difficult time navigating the busy world of AT:Chicago, I will consider my own AT entries to be fling-worthy and we'll be linking to them in this post too.


Jo Walker said...

Don't know what the husband will say but hell I'm up for a weekly fling!

Anonymous said...

thanks for including me! I feel honored to be in the first set of flings.

sfgirlbybay said...

me too - thanks for the mention! and, i always smile when i read this blog title. quite the wit!