Thursday, August 02, 2007

I heart This Old House!


Watching This Old House was a big bonding experience in my family. Every Thursday evening we would tune in to Channel 56 (Detroit represent yo!) and watch our favorite contractors. My brother's favorite was Norm and mine was Tom Silva. No one liked Steve! We all kind of thought he was a jerk. Ha!

Jump back to present day, Hardwood and I are still looking at condos. We found one that we like a lot, but the two big question marks concern the heating and cooling systems. Important stuff! The heating is hot water baseboard heat and the air conditioning is a system that is commonly used in Europe and Japan. We found a ton of info on the baseboard heat and liked what we read (cleaner, more efficient, quieter, cheaper), but we couldn't find anything on the air conditioning system (see photo above). I wrote to my brother who lives in England to see if he knows anything about it. And hello full circle! He said he just saw an episode of This Old House where they installed one of these puppies.

Thanks, Jer! And thanks, This Old House!


Anne said...

We have that A/C system in our house! We love it and have found it cools the house down quickly and efficiently. But if you ever find any good ways to make the unit less, well, obvious on the wall, I'd love to hear it!

marbargarbo said...

My family used to watch This Old House all the time too! We used to watch it when Bob was on though. :)

Katie said...

Anne!! That's great news to hear!!! Yeah I know what you mean about the looks. If I come up with a good fix, I will let you know for sure. I have to say it looks a heck of a lot better than a window ac unit!! So that's one bonus.

Devon said...

AND it looks a lot better than a hotel room-style wall unit -- which you have to look at all the time and cannot disguise in any way and which takes up space! I think it's genius, frankly. I want one!

Rebecca Beagle said...

I'm no help on the air conditioning issue, but I heart Tommy.