Thursday, July 05, 2007

Inexpensive rugs

Lamont rug, available at Crate & Barrel
Teardrop printed rug, available at Urban Outfitters

The other week I came home from work to an overwhelming stench of cat pee. I had cleaned the litter box out before I went to bed the previous night and cleaned it immediately when I walked in the door, but the stank was still there. I then knew they went outside the box somewhere. But the trick was to find it. Eventually, I discovered they relieved themselves on the rug I have my easel on!!!

So out went that rug! Keeping anything that cats have sprayed on is just asking for future troubles. Plus it is just plain stinky. I'm on the look out for a large, inexpensive rug. Now seems like the perfect time to go shopping with everyone and their brother having a summer sale. I'm really quite taken with the bright pink one available at Crate & Barrel Outlet. The Urban Outfitters one has a fun pattern that might look cool with random bits of paint splatter.


Eric R. Rickert said...

girlfriend, this is the story of my life.

katiedid said...

Bummer! Try CB2 for great inexpensive rugs too.

Katie said...

i was so freaking pissed eric! later on that night i walked to grocery store and any cat i saw i swore at. no cat was spared of my wrath!

good call katiedid. this rug is also fetching!