Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gold Digger's "Statement" Coffee Table

Eric from Gold Digger just found his dream coffee table. He had been on the hunt for "something striking and unique, something a little kitschy but also glamorous, something with a sense of humor, something unforgettable." And - lookie there - he found her.

From the Side

I know, right?! I so badly want to know where he shops too!

From Above

So he's in total coffee table love and he thinks she's perfect except now he's entertaining the idea of painting her high gloss white. What do you think?

Keep the gold or give her the whitewash?

GOLD! Why mess with perfection?

High Gloss White! Gold is reserved for jewelry and spandex.

I can't even believe he bought that...

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Eric R. Rickert said...

thanks for the help, boo. looks like we're at an even 50/50 right now.

katiedid said...

This dame is literally hitting the glass ceiling. She better stick with the gold. She may need it in her old age.