Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fab Fabrics at Tonic Living

Tonic Living is new to me. I just spent a good long while perusing their choice fabrics (at pretty good prices) and these are some of my favorites:

Bird Seed, pink

Vienna Damask, platinum

Fauna, mango


Katie said...

I bought some fabric from Tonic Living several months ago and Kelsey made me some curtains out of it. Very smooth transaction and nice company.

katiedid said...

Never heard of this company. It is now bookmarked! Great stuff. Thanks bunches.

chinesetwine said...

I second the smooth transaction. The fabric was great & I appreciated that they didn't over-package it for shipping.
Now I'm looking at these & thinking about sewing up a 'weekend getaway' bag...complete with piping, which I've never done before...or maybe I'll just make some napkins to go with our new dishes.

kim. said...

I've been eyeballing their fabrics for a while. Great stuff.

chinesetwine said...

just realized that i bought that bird seed fabric in a different color scheme! ha!