Thursday, June 28, 2007

Decidedly Anti-Green

I've been thinking a lot about carbon footprints lately. I'm trying to remember to switch off lights as I leave the room and I usually wash my clothes in cold water. I'm growing conscious of my own green habits (or lack thereof) so it makes sense that I'm also watching others. I often see people on train platforms throw their newspapers in the trashcan instead of the recycling bin (only about 10 feet away). Well, not people. Person. I see one person do this. (You know who you are, Turquoise Crocs.)

The main reason for this post, however, is that this morning, I witnessed a Zipcar parade. I've heard good things about Zipcar and their competitor I-Go. No matter which company you prefer, the whole car-sharing concept is a great green idea. You must then understand my disappointment when I saw 3 Zipcars driving down the street, with balloons trailing from the backseats and the lead car on loudspeaker, puttering along in a gas-guzzling promotional parade. I'm all for self-promotion and I even enjoy parades but this stunt was pathetic, contradictory, and the only thing it advertised was wasted resources.

Boo, Zipcar! Practice what you preach!

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Anonymous said...

In Seattle Flexcar was doing a promotion where they were throwing little foam rubber cars (the squishy things you hold onto when doanting blood) out the windows. Seemed to counter their purpose of being green.