Monday, May 14, 2007

The hunt & the aftermath

Molding detail at the first condo we looked at, which also turned out to be our favorite.

Doorway of our 2nd favorite condo.

Our first condo outing with our realtor was a big success. We checked out six different places. Some ok, some not so great (Um, remember to flush your toilet! I am not kidding!!), some so insanely adorable but ruled out because we've decided central air is a deal breaker for us, and two possible winners.

The first place we looked at was a new gut rehab and is our top choice of the bunch. It has everything going for it. We dug the combined living room/kitchen, 2 bathrooms (finally one of us doesn't have to do a little dance while the other is using the bathroom), the third floor has amazingly high ceilings, and the deck stole our hearts. I never thought I could fall in love with a deck, but I have!!! The only down side is that it is a little west of the train, so it would be a bit of a hike.

One of the last places we looked at is a little older, but still very nice. It is also on the top floor and has a wonderful view a park across the street, but the back deck is rather scary looking. This property is much closer to the train and a grocery store, but we're not as gaga over this place.

I kept on daydreaming about the first place we saw all day on Sunday. I'll paint this room this color and wallpaper this wall, arrange the furniture like this, plant these plants on the gorgeous deck, etc. etc. Le sigh!!!!! So I think that is a sign. Now I just need to convince my old man!

So we're going to keep on hunting and who knows maybe we'll go back and visit the first place again. Also up today, talking to a mortgage broker!!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys saw some good ones, what a fun adventure! Good luck!

Katie said...

It was definitely fun!! And it was fun to peek into other people's homes! I'm so nosy!!!

This weekend I think we are going to try to hit a few open houses.

B said...

Ooh - I actually miss condo shopping, because it seemed to ripe with possibilities. My husband and I still compulsively look at the stats when we see open house signs in our neighborhood.

Glad to hear it's going so well!