Thursday, April 26, 2007

Linen Spray?

I would like to discuss linen spray now.

With the arrival of new bedding (which, no, I haven't unwrapped yet), I wouldn't mind getting a soothing linen spray to complete my somnolent experience. I also just realized that I'm running out of the last bottle I bought at Bath & Body Works.

I'd like to try something new so I come to you now for opinions! Which brands & scents have you found to be calming, peaceful, the perfect pre-slumber perfume? I just heard about
Caldrea Linen Spray and I'm ever-so-curious about Basil & Blue Sage!


Eric R. Rickert said...

i've been meaning to buy some of this stuff, too. do you like the BABW smell?

i had a bottle of febreze (however you spell it) in my car. last week the top came off and it spilled all over my backseat...i don't think i can ever stand that smell again.

Katie said...

ugh! i think that would seriously make me gag! febreeze overload. that be nasTy!

holler at patrice. said...

caldrea is awesome. i have not tried the linen spray, but i have candles, hand cream and guest soaps. i love it!

Cardboard said...

I am now running out of B&BW's Ylang-Ylang Myrrh "pillow mist." They don't seem to carry this scent anymore (at least not online). The only smells that they have on their website are Lavender (ah, okay but...) and Vanilla Current (blech, I would think). Thanks, H@P for the Caldrea endorsement. Think I might have to give them a shot.