Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bedroom Progression

Project: Bedrooms is coming along. On Sunday, I moved two giant pieces of furniture out of the studio and into the former dining room, which is now my temporary office space.

I centered my big ol' desk under the bay windows. This is turning out to be quite lovely with all the natural light that now floods in.

As for the art cabinet, I crammed all the art supplies into the bottom shelves (covered by the sliding doors) and turned the top two shelves into my sideboard.

The studio, however, is far from empty. The stuff I had to take out/off of the furniture to move is all over the floor and there is still the closet which needs cleaning out. Those are projects for this weekend!


Anonymous said...

i landed the same magazine rack last year from craigslist... but have yet endeavored to refinish and re-veneer it

Cardboard said...

Matt, coolness on finding the magazine rack twin. I also haven't touched mine (to fix up). It doesn't really need it so I'm content to leave it lookin' a little worn. I got mine from a public library that was moving locations. It's got the metal LIBRARY plaque on it and everything.

Anonymous said...

I think you should just build a platform over everything on the floor. You sister will understand and is short. You have tall ceilings in there anyways.