Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pissy Deer & Grumpy Bunnies

I just ordered this shower curtain:

Enchanted Forest Shower Curtain, Funmade/


Thanks to AT-LA for bringing this hilariously beautiful curtain to my attention! I have been wanting to switch out my sheer curtain and throw a little pattern into my bathroom. I like this shower curtain because it's romantic and girly: brown & pinks, flora & fauna, all the swirly, symmetrical leaf-shapes. But the main reason I like it so much is because the little woodland critters look pissed! I'm so excited for it to arrive. I think it will look pretty rad with the green. What do you think?

Bathroom, east


kim. said...

I saw it too on AT:LA and thought it was adorable. (I remember your bathroom from AT - cool colours!)

Anonymous said...

I like this curtain a lot! I'm in love with that sort of pattern right now. I think it will look really nice in the bathroom, totally change it up in a good way.

Cardboard said...

Thanks for the color vote, kim. Like I said, I've been a little bored with the bathroom and actually thought about repainting. But I think I'll try less permanent things first (ie: new shower curtain). A patterned curtain could totally change the entire feel of the space! Because, deep down, I really do still like the green and I'd hate to regret changing it.

Anonymous said...

I love this curtain so much I may copy you and get it myself. The meanness of the deer is what sells it.