Saturday, March 03, 2007

Brown Seats

The whole idea for this post was to showcase "fuzzy brown" chairs. I was inspired by this pair, found in the design portfolio of Jeffers Design Group.

The caramel color is so rich and pretty and I just love, love, love the grid pattern.

My next pair of "fuzzy brown" chairs jumped out to me from the commercial design of Kelly Wearstler. The color and pattern operating here is so similar to the Jeffers chairs: soft, glossy, gridded. The tufted plumpness of these short stools, however, is more playful than sophisticated. They're decadent but still cute.

Hard Rock High Roller Suite

Still going strong with my "fuzzy brown" theme, I searched my local craigslist venue and found my next chair. Part of me actually thinks this chair is pretty ugly...but in such an endearing way.

Vintage chair with brown cushions

After that, my search got harder. I decided to scrap the "fuzzy" part and just show off some nifty chairs. They might not be fuzzy or even very comfortable but, at least, they are brown. Here you go:


Katie Parker said...

That craigslist chair is actually pretty cool - the brown on it is a little nasty, but the form is nice... I would say go for it if the price is less than 50.00!

Cardboard said...

I agree with you about the form being nice but the cushions, a little suspect. I can't remember how much they had it listed for but I have a feeling that it was a pretty good deal for whoever bought it.